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Global Issues
New Internationalist
Top Documentary Films
CBC As It Happens
(Mapping Arms Data)

Macleans Magazine
United States of Africa (Netflix)
CBC The Mandela Tapes

TIME Magazine

CBC Massey Lectures

Al Jazeera English

CBC Ideas

World Newspapers

CBC The Current Line In The Sand

NPR Podcast Directory

The Guardian Global Development

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Global Voices

iTunes Global Development (most recent)

Amazon Rain Forest and oil exploration (video)
Valuing What Matters Clinton Climate Change Initiative 2014
CBC ideas Diane Francis the World in Seven Years. (exponential growth of technology and nation state)

AFRICA - Don't EVER call it a country again! Check out the true size of Africa.
Maps: West Wing Map Projections
Gaza relative to the GTA (Dana's Facebook)
GEOPOLITICS - A Game of Shark and Minnow (interactive article)
SYRIA - method of attack
U.S. and Europe work on Aid Package for Ukraine - Issue Analysis
Opinion ... in resopnse to article "( questions about Syria you were too afraid to ask"
Convention on Chemical Weapons
US and UN push for strong measures on Syria's arms
How to dismantle a chemical bomb - the factors impeding the US-Russia agreement
SOMALIA - women's rights
Solar powered lights reduce risk of rape for women living in refugee camps at night
SOUTH AFRICA TUBERCULOSIS - millennium development goals
TB treatment of miners in South Africa; Millenium Development Goal to eradicate disease; universal access to medicines, cost of clinical trials delay access
EGYPT - smuggling Syrian refugees
Egypt no longer supports Syrian refugees after Muslim Brotherhood ouster; many refugees flee Egypt via smugglers to Europe
SYRIA - geographic indicators of the issue

HIV vaccine discovered at UWO
The Dilemma of Humanitarian Interventions (Council for Foreign Relations)

Drone Warfare: How We Kill In War (cbc radio ideas with Patrick Kennedy)

One Year anniversary of the Rana Plaza Collapse (podcast)
Rana Plaza: the price of indifference
Sweatshops: Our Social Responsibility - series of articles from the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail (Oct. 3 - 13, 2013)
90 fashion brands come clean on Bangladesh factories
I got hired at a Bangladesh factory: meet my 9 year old boss (video)
Bangladesh's tanneries make the sweatshops look good
Learning about worker's rights through a board game
How to start a union in Bangladesh
Why sweatshop owners may start sweating
What choice does a boy like him have?
The True Cost of a T-shirt (globe and mail Oct. 12, 2013)
The True Cost of a T-shirt (Toronto Star Oct. 12, 2013)
Two Sisters, A Small Room And The World Behind A T-Shirt (npr podcast 12 min)
Canada restarts funding to help Laos clean up cluster bombs (Toronto Star Oct. 14, 2013)
Fashion Victims 2013 (46 min)
Into the fire:the hidden victims of austerity 2013 (40 min)
Africa's Cowboy Capitalists 2013 (38 min)
The Growing Pains of Ahmed and Moshe 2013 (27 min)
Professor Emiritus from McMaster University on university, students, failure, opportunity (4 min)

NetZero Architecture
Trans Pacific Partnership T.P.P.
Monsanto issues in the T.P.P.

Iran Nuclear Deal
Will Progress On Nuke Talks Mean More Engagement From Iran? (npr podcast)

And The Award for Most Corrupt Nation Goes To ... (npr article)
Protests Intensify Over Ukraine's Rejection of EU Pact (npr article)
How the E.U. Pushed Ukraine East (The New York Times Op-ed)
The New York Times Op Ed on Iran's nuclear situation

Let Slip The Drones Of Peace (DRC/Rwanda border)
Damcracy (34 minutes)

Human Trafficking Infographic