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Here is a list of articles that would be suitable for your use, if you are having difficulty finding one yourself:
Migrants: Flight Of Their Lives - short series of articles on the global migration crisis
Getting back on human rights track - article indigenous women's issues - Kayla
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Pollution around the world a matter of choices - article also social and economic
UN Disaster Chief warns of more disaster to come - article
Canadian prosperity requires a strong resource industry - article
Myanmar returns to what sells: heroin - video and article
Pollution around the world a matter of choices - article also environmental and social

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An example of a great summative
Another superlative summative letter:
Dear Mr. Hassan Yousef,
My name is Xxxxx Xxxxx and I am a representative of the United Nations. I am writing to you regarding the topic of the ongoing conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian people. The UN believes this dispute has been going on long enough, and we would like to work with both parties to find a peaceful solution that will last forever. The reason I am writing to you specifically, however, is because of your son, Mosab Hassan Yousef. I have read Mosab’s book “Son of Hamas”, in an attempt to better understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In this book he describes you as “so likeable because he was just like everyone else.” As a founder of Hamas, you not only have a large influence on the people of Palestine, but also on your fellow Leaders and politicians. Your cooperation with the UN would be very helpful in finding a permanent solution to the conflict, one which would benefit both Palestine and Israel. In order to find this resolution, however, the UN recognizes that the violence and mutual acts of terrorism must stop. Since the year 1967, when the Gaza Strip and West Bank were taken under Israeli control, the reaction of many Palestinian people has been to fight back with violence. Groups were formed to combat the Israeli people and drive them out from what was once Palestinian territory. One of these groups was Hamas. As Mosab says in his book, “Their (Hamas’) Objective was to awaken, unify, and mobilize the Palestinian people and make them understand their need for independence under the banner of Allah and Islam.” The original objective of your Hamas group was not to harm Israeli people or terrorize civilians, but to educate the Palestinian citizens and make them aware that you were entitled to freedom. You felt as If Israel was in control of you, and it is understandable that you did not appreciate that. As a result of this feeling, Hamas became violent not only towards the Israeli troops, but also towards the citizens. It is unfortunate that Hamas has grown into this violent monster, and appears to be blind to its original goal, but that is why we are contacting you, Hassan. The UN believes that if you promoted peace instead of terror, the rest of Hamas would follow, along with the Palestinian citizens. It is understood that this will be difficult because, as Mosab says, “Hamas had always been something of a ghost”, meaning it is an idea or way of thinking. Despite this fact, we are asking you to promote the fact that violence is not an effective way to solve any conflict.
The first reason that the UN believes that violence will not effectively solve this conflict is simply because if it were going to mend anything, it would have already happened. This conflict has been going on long enough that we can clearly see that the situation now isn’t any better than it was in the nineteen seventies. If anything, it has only worsened. The fighting has been dragging on for so long that a new generation is growing up in it. All they have known for their lives so far is conflict. The Palestinian children have been brought up to hate Israel, and vice versa. What is even worse is the fact that the majority of these children do not know or question why they hate the opposing side, they simply go along with it. It is not a healthy environment for children to be brought up in, as Mosab states in his book. “Before the age of twenty-one, I saw things no one should ever see: abject poverty, abuse of power, torture, and death.” The fact is, it is no longer safe for children to play in streets of Israel as it once was. Nobody, except the elite Hamas leaders such as yourself, knows when or where the next suicide bombing might be. Often times, these suicide bombers kill more innocent citizens from collateral damage than members of the opposing armies. This is morally wrong, and is a violation of human rights at the most basic level. Every human has the right to live without fear for their life, but currently in the Middle East, everybody seems to be worried. Nobody wanders the streets without caution anymore, and this is not how things should be. As a result of the violence, many people have also been forced to flee their countries in search of refuge someplace else. An astounding four point seven million people have left Palestine alone (according to Wikipedia). And that is only one party in the conflict. The reason, most of these people have left the country is because of the unpredictable acts of violence and terror that Hamas and other “freedom fighter” organizations carry out. If Hamas fights for the freedom of the Palestinian people, shouldn’t the citizens of Palestine be free to walk around without worrying about being shot or blown up? Just a thought. I believe it is fairly clear that the violence that is occurring in the Middle East is not solving anything, and in fact is worsening the situation for Hamas and the Palestinian people.
The UN strongly believes that with your cooperation, an effective, non-violent solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict can be found. The condition that is necessary, however, is the willingness of all parties to negotiate. The land of the Gaza strip and the West Bank can be divided, and Palestine will be declared an independent state. The Israeli and Palestinian people will be able to live in peace. Once this peaceful state is achieved (it will take a few years), then both Israel and Palestine will be able to enjoy the benefits. The citizens will no longer be scared to leave their houses. They will be free, just as Hamas had once envisioned. Palestine will be able to develop, and become a productive nation. It could effectively harvest its natural resources and sell them to the rest of the world, where they would be bought for great amounts of money. Palestine could be an effective player on the global markets, and could eventually rise to become one of the greatest nations in the world. Palestine has infinite potential, and it can only live up to this potential one it is at peace with Israel once and for all.
In conclusion, we would like to work with you, Hassan Yousef, to resolve this conflict. With your assistance, peace in the Middle East is definitely possible. Palestine and Israel could become great nations, and could possibly even assist the UN in resolving conflicts between other nations in the future. “Truth and forgiveness are the only solutions for the Middle East. The challenge, especially between Israelis and Palestinians, is not to find the solution. The challenge is to be the first courageous enough to embrace it.”
Xxxxx Xxxxx