"Food and nutritional security are the foundations of a decent life, sound education and the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals" Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


Worldometers (site)
Visit the above site to learn some interesting data about Food.

Global Hunger Index 2013 (2 min)

How Can Food Policy Fight Hunger (2 min) from Internrational Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

World Food Program - Hunger
Test your hunger I.Q.
What is hunger - Overview
Hunger Map
Central Africa Hunger Map
A Billion for a Billion (|use social media to fight hunger 1 min)
Hunger Myths
Global myths about hunger

FreeRice (game to feed the hungry)
What are the positive impacts of games such as this?

Food Security
What is Food Security (ppt and handout)
What is Food Sovereignty (ppt and handout)
Feeding 9 Billion (The Walrus article)
RSA video

Food Security in North America
A Place At The Table (film)

Food Security in Canada
Pay the rent or feed the kids?
"Foodbanks are the outcome of the failure of society to deal with growing inequality"
The Tyee.ca April 25, 2012

Food Banks - article handout
What is Neoliberalism?
It's time to close Canada's foodbanks
Foodbanks Canada "Hunger Count"
Foodbanks nibble at problems of hunger
More foodbank users doesn't mean more poverty
Foodbanks a vital service, but a troubling one
Are foodbanks here to stay?
Rethinking foodbanks: It's no longer about just handing out food to the hungry
Food banks stretched to their limit

Your class will be divided into groups. You will meet on Monday March 3 with your discussion group. On Tuesday March 4 you will be discussing with Mr. Switzer or Ms. Gazan. We will be using the Discussion rubric for your evaluation.

Hunger for a humanitarian purpose?
New Internationalist article 1
New Internationalist article

Food Desert
Food Access Research Atlas

As per discussions on Monday check this link to the 10 U.S. corporations that pay their employees the lowest wages. Might this have anything to do with food security??????*** Feel free to respond in your journal.

South Central Farmers (South Central Farm: An Oasis In A Concrete Desert)

"The Garden" (film)
"The Garden" Analysis
"Bushel of Complaints Farmers at South Central Community Garden unload on their activist organizers" Article

Land Grabs and Food Speculators (select 1 topic of interest)

The Food Rush
Meet the food speculators
The global food waste scandal TEDtalk
The smallholders' last stand
Seed Laws
Facing the forest entrepreneurs
Land Grab Hotspots infographic
Land Grabs The Facts infographic

Food Sovereignty: A Solution?
La Via Campasina The International Peasant's Voice
The real food prize goes to the Haitians
Café Justicia (film 20 min)
Kibera's vertical farms
Egypt's freedom harvest