Discuss the paradox of these two concepts

plastic debris in ocean map

Making It Industry for Development, Our Industrial Future
Failure of the traditional development model
Review the Millennium Development Goals
Beyond the Millennium Development Goals (Beyond 2015)
Transformational Development

The 'buzz word' for treating workers and our environment responsibly, but what does that really mean? Does CSR include the entire supply chain and the responsibility of the consumer who purchases a product/service and then disposes it? How far does the CSR need to go to be truly sustainable?

This movie is good for CSR, also check out the lastest APPLE doc on The Passionate Eye July 2015... articles?

"Roger and Me" Corporations, unemployment, disparity, opportunity, globalization, sustainability, unions ...

"Roger and Me" is the story of Flint, Michigan, an industrial town facing decline when 35,000 of the town's 150,000 residents lose their jobs. On a larger scale the film presents an allegorical view of corporate America, and a damning critique of a system which allows any corporation (in this case General Motors) to turn its back on its workforce for the sake of profit.

Complete the issue analysis outlined on the handout. As you watch the documentary, remember that it was created and distributed for a reason. The characters/stakeholders in the film are there for a purpose – they represent a point of view or perspective concerning an issue. The ‘main characters’ are obvious however you should include the less obvious ‘characters’ as well as they usually symbolize a theme or bias. Note these stakeholders and their perspectives in the issue analysis chart.

As you complete the issue analysis consider the following:

  • Moore's idea that people are more important than profits
  • Corporations like General Motors, who benefit from profits, are inclined to ignore people
  • In a just society, either the people should control the corporations, or the government should control the corporations on behalf of the people
  • America as whole benefits if General Motors increases its profits (remember how they 'diversified' their corporation)
  • In a strong economy, employment rises and taxes fall
  • In a free market economy the desire for profit, and the freedom to achieve profit, is a natural instinct?

Find 2 very recent, plant closures that occurred in Southern Ontario. Gather information on these closures and conclude the impacts on the local society and economy. Imagine if Ford Motor Company closed the Oakville plant - how would Oakville be impacted?


from ridge geography
An interesting piece of globalization information: "Starbucks vs. McDonald's"
Starbucks and McDonalds are global forces, but each in their own way. While Starbucks has indeed spread across the world, its sales – about $4.1 billion annually – are still dwarfed by those of McDonalds, which top $41 billion a year. This graph of McDonalds' locations around the world looks like some kind of plague. Meanwhile, it takes 19 countries to make one cup of Starbucks coffee.
After reading the infographic make some inferences about globalization with respect to human systems and natural systems. Categorize these inferences into Economic, Social/Cultural, Environmental and Political aspects.

Note the types of globalization as outlined in the textbook.

"Young and dying: the scandal of artisanal mining" (Globe and Mail, Aug. 18, 2012)


Review the definition. Discuss the 'commons' concept in terms of the common good, democracy, open sourcing. View TED
After viewing the video make some inferences about sustainable development with respect to natural systems and human systems. Categorize these inferences into Economic, Social/Cultural, Environmental and Political aspects.

Is Dubai's globalization sustainable?


How do you view Canada's role in the global community as a giver of aid? Explain whether you feel this role is currently sustainable or not.

View the powerpoint that introduces Damned Nations, Dr. Nutt's book on her perspective of Canada's role in the global community.
Read your assigned chapter and complete the assigned tasks on the handout.

WEEK 3 and WEEK 4

Over the weekend view CBC's Peter Mansbridge's "One on One" interview with Dr. Nutt to get an overall idea of Dr. Nutt's message.

Continue to work on the assigned tasks on the handout with your group.
For further reference to Samantha Nutt and Damned Nations go to:

Damned Nations assignment - due: Friday March 1, 2013

Interesting link for Chapter 2. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act may harm Congolese more than help them.
Book Reviews: Lendrum Mennonite Brethern Church Weekly Book Review: Damned Nations
War Child -How does War Child avoid the pitfalls some other NGO's fall into? In your opinion, does this NGO achieve the moral ground Samantha is looking for?
"Young and dying: the scandal of artisanal mining" (Globe and Mail, Aug. 18, 2012)
MDG'S designed at "Jubilee 2000" - global action plan to implement 8 anti poverty goals

How do you view Canada's role in the global community? Has your view changed after reading Damned Nations? Although there is bias in the book, what realities do you feel are valuable to consider when speculating on the future effectiveness of aid and development?


You will be watching two TED videos. These videos shed a journalist's and a photographer's perspective on the information they gather and what it communicates.

In the first video you will see and listen to Leslie Dodson speak about embedded journalists and how they influence your knowledge about certain crisis'. Complete the QUIZ, and THINK sections on the page. Look at the DIG DEEPER tasks and select 1 to respond to/discuss with your table group.

The second talk is presented from the perspective of a photojournalist (also embedded for you below). Listen to his reflections and watch his photos. He certainly has covered the major contemporary global issues focusing on conflict and poverty! On your wiki page or self-selected website program, respond to the two perspectives presented this morning. Do they compliment one another - if so explain how. Do they conflict with one another - if so explain how. How valuable do you think embedded journalism and the narrative is to your understanding of global issues? How valuable do you think photojournalism is to your understanding of global issues? Can you make any connections between Samantha Nutt's message in Damned Nations and the perspective you were introduced to today? Feel free to add your own visuals on your page if you like (be sure to source all visuals with a url or link to the website).

James Nachtwey: Photojournalist

Two themes that are intertwined throughout every issue are globalization and sustainability. Globalization is not a new concept, some trace it back to the third millenium BCE. Though it is more clearly defined in the present day there are opposing viewpoints focused on its benefits and consequences. Sustainability encompasses ecology, politics, culture, law, in short like globalization it both impacts and is impacted by the decisions we make and the actions we take every day. Critical thinking, inquiry,communication and innovation can marry the two themes however there are many who believe the two themes can never be reconciled. Read the parable below, it will set the stage for much of your thinking throughout the course:

“How to catch a monkey”:
a) Hollow out a coconut.
b) Carve a hole in the top and fill the nut with rice. The hole should be just large enough to allow a monkey to put an extended hand inside but not big enough for it to withdraw a whole fistful of rice.
c) Find a likely location and wedge the nut firmly between two large boulders so the top half is clearly visible.
d) Fasten the nut with a chain to a stake in the ground.
e) If the monkey refuses to let go of its handful of rice, it is both trapped and unable to eat the rice.
f) If the monkey relaxes its grip and takes less, it will be both free and fed.
Source: On The Threshold, pg. 18

“Can our species relax its grip and take only what we need?”

One of your exam questions will be: Use 2 specific examples from the course to explain what we can learn from this parable regarding sustainability and globalization.

Editorial Cartoon



View the film "Roger and Me".
After viewing the film, collaborate with your table group to complete the Issue Analysis template You can find one in the class' googledocs site.


You have had the opportunity to read, observe and share examples of globalization and sustainability through various media. Now, let's analyse two points of view focused on the concept of globalization. Using the Canadian Points of View database in ebsco-host as your primary resource, you will be assigned to read either the "Point" or the "Counter-Point". Highlight the facts and opinions you feel are most significant in supporting the author's perspective - be prepared to share these. Read the opposing viewpoint. Highlight the facts and opinions you feel are most significant in supporting the author's perspective (this should be easier than the first round since we have just discussed the two viewpoints).
Read "Globalization on the rocks" (New Internationalist, March 2010
Formulate your personal viewpoint on globalization using the Position Paper Template to record your ideas.

Some further readings to ponder:
"Don't trust your stone age brain", New Internationalist web exclusive


As you read your assigned chapter, highlight examples of globalization that you believe to be questionable. Determine whether these practices are sustainable or not. When re-reading, highlight concepts, terms or any information that you are unsure about in terms of meaning, implications, significance - look some of these up! Make dot-jots, write on your pages, use sticky-notes ... to assist you in your analysis.

Group Response Activity

Samantha Nutt discusses her key message. This will help you make connections between the chapters and help guide your analysis:

Below you will find further interesting connectors to some of the issues discussed in the book:
Youtube: Samantha Nutt (there are many videos to choose from)
Canadian mining company activities in Africa (Barrick Gold)
IAMGOLD (check the article from Sept. 15, 2003 and the Corporate Responsibility info.)
Canadian pensions invest in Israeli apartheid (unethical pension investments)
The Somalia Affair (Canada's role in Somalia)
Black Hawk Down (google it and find out the complexity of militaries trying to support humanitarian efforts)
"Mixing vacations with charity work can harm as much as it helps" (National Post)
"Beware the' voluntourists' doing good" (the guardian)
Bill C-300 (Mining Watch Canada)
Rethinking aid:

Rusty RadiatorAwards


Christine's Prezi
Liam's Website


Photojournalism is a logical transition subject to connect to out next unit, "A World of 7 Billion - how many is too many?"

World Press Photo

Too Young To Wed (photojournalists tell their story about the photo)